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July 2024


Gabriel Oliveira - Mudança / Quem Sabe Quando
Courtesy of Some Paradise Forgotten


K-Wash feat. AmirSaysNothing - King (Like Me) / Protect My Neck
Courtesy of CQQL Records

June 2024

Thee Sinseers - For You / Si Llorarás
Courtesy of Colemine Records

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Menahan Street Band ft Rogê - Tropical Man / Mis Filos
Courtesy of Diamond West Records

May 2024

John Beltran - Back To Bahia Vol. 4
Courtesy of Motorcity Wine Recordings


Andr​é​s – Andr​é​s' Edits Vol. 2
Courtesy of Hot Pot Records

April 2024

Night Owls - You Don’t Know Me / If You Let Me
Courtesy of F-Spot Records


The L.B.'s – Funkways Series 4
Courtesy of Wax Thematique

March 2024

Mestizo Beat - She's A Rose / Lotsapoppa
Courtesy of F-Spot Records


Fat Produce – Sticky Beets / SON!
Courtesy of F-Spot Records

February 2024

The Splendids ft. Eamon - Cry Baby Cry / Blame My Heart
Courtesy of Colemine Records

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Funkool Orchestra ft. Joe Bataan – Can't Keep Foolin' / Little Black Woman
Courtesy of Funk Night Records

January 2024

Tony & The Kings – Son Del Barrio Remixes
Courtesy of Tiki Tumbao Records


King Steady Beat & The Royal Palms – La Rooka / La Torta
Courtesy of Steady Beat Recordings

December 2023

Pale Jay - My Dirty Desire / Dreaming In Slow Motion
Courtesy of Karma Chief Records

Drop exclusive cream colored vinyl!


Night Owls - Ain't That Loving You / Are You Lonely For Me, Baby
Courtesy of F-Spot Records

November 2023

Joel Sarakula - Midnight Driver / I'm Still Winning
Courtesy of CQQL Records


Orquesta el Macabeo - Ikiru / Familia
Courtesy of Peace & Rhythm

October 2023

The Patchouli Brothers Vs GMGN - Burnin' / A Little Bit
Courtesy of Studs Edits


El Bigtoe y El Guámbito - Sabroso Y Espooky
Courtesy of Peace & Rhythm

September 2023

La Gallo 3:20 - La Panicumbia
Courtesy of Trucha Soul Records


John Beltran - Back To Bahia Vol. 3
Courtesy of Motorcity Wine

August 2023

Night Owls - After Laughter / Didn’t I
Courtesy of F-Spot Records


Ouzana & The Flavors -  You Better Believe It
Courtesy of Wax Thematique

July 2023

Trew + Maker Edits
Courtesy of Cuento De Nunca Acabar


FRANKi - Closer / Kites
Courtesy of 300 Club Records

June 2023

Voodoocuts - Breaking Dog / Voodoo's Boogaloo
Courtesy of STUDS


Tony & the Kings - Piropo
Courtesy of Tiki Tumbao

May 2023

Os Zabelês - If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause / Back In Our Minds
Courtesy of Pangea Recordings


The Sand Dollars - Waterloo Bossa / Get Thy Bearings
Courtesy of Pangea Recordings

April 2023

The Heavy Sounds -  Midnight Sun / Reach Out
Courtesy of Lugnut Brand Records Chi Town series


Betty Griffin - Free Spirit Remixes
Courtesy of Cultures of Soul

March 2023

Jungle Fire -  Together / Movin’ On  

courtesy of F-Spot Records

Drop Exclusive Clear Vinyl Variant
Night Owls -  I Only Have Eyes For You / Live And Let Live

courtesy of F-Spot Records

February 2023

Lucky Mystery Now Orchestra / J.A.S. Ricci Quartette - Fireball / These Eternal Verities  

courtesy of Wax Thematique

Drop Exclusive Blue Vinyl Variant
Los Disco Duro - La Inconforme / Oye Como Va

courtesy of Discos Mas

January 2023

Ray Olan Y Su Nuevo Sason – El Musico II 

courtesy of Hyperopia and Peace & Rhythm

Drop Exclusive Blue Vinyl Variant
Cole Williams - A Better Woman / Organize

courtesy of Soul Tune Records

December 2022

Special F-Spot Records edition!

Rhythm Roots Allstars – Say I Do / Island Hustle  

Drop Exclusive Blue Vinyl Variant
Night Owls - Cramp Your Style / Your Old Standby

November 2022

Eddie Logix feat Gabriel Oliveria – Kunama courtesy of Some Forgotten Paradise
Los Daddys - Cumbia en la Region courtesy of Discos Mas

October 2022

Matt Nelkin feat. Ce'Cile & Blak – Under Sheet courtesy of Liquid Beat Records
Jacques Renault - That's What You Are / My Love is Guaranteed courtesy of Bump'n Grind Wax

September 2022

Gel-Sol – Nightshade courtesy of Wax Thematique Records
McKenzie & Gardiner - From Time courtesy of CQQL Records

August 2022

Smoke & Mirrors Soundsystem – Nadie Te Lo Hizo courtesy of Steady Beat Recordings
Don Chicharrón - Valle courtesy of Snappy Little Numbers

July 2022

The Bombillas – Nac Nac / Senebi courtesy of F-Spot Records
Maria Sanchez - Hey Love /​ Give Me Your Lovin courtesy of Soul Tune Records

June 2022

The Latin Brothers – Cuando Volvera / Bella Cumbia from Discos Fuentes
The Frightnrs - Always courtesy of Daptone Records

May 2022

Eddie Logix & Blair French - Treasure Your Friends pt. 1 courtesy of Some Paradise Forgotten
Saucy Lady - 星の砂 | Hoshi no Suna (Stardust) courtesy of Austin Boogie Crew

April 2022

Voodoocuts - Juice On Wax Vol. 02
Prince of Queens con El Julius - Rompe Cadenas courtesy of Names You Can Trust

March 2022

Super Yamba Band featuring Osei Korankye - Yen Ni Agoro ​/​ Wo Nkoa Na Mendo courtesy of Ubiquity Records
Bio Ritmo - Piragüero / Asia Minor courtesy of Merge and Electric Cowbell

February 2022

G-Flux - La Noche ​/​ Chica Cosmica courtesy of Normandie Records
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Cold As Weiss / Fried Soul courtesy of Colemine Records

January 2022

Maleet – Mama Yakota courtesy of Heavenly Divine Records
Nathan Womack - Past But The Dream courtesy of Wax Thematique

December 2021

Tribu Baharú - Baharulogía courtesy of Electric Cowbell Records
Bubaza – Battlestar / Countdown Dub courtesy of All-Town Sound

November 2021

of Tropique - Wooooo/Zoro courtesy of Electric Cowbell Records
Billy Swivs – Time is Not on My Side courtesy of Wick Records

October 2021

King Steady Beat & The Royal Palms - El Jaguar courtesy of Steady Beat Recordings
Ritmos Tropicosmos – Cumbia En La Sierra courtesy of Discos Mas

September 2021

Night Owls – Me and Baby Brother (feat. Kevin Sandbloom) / School Girl Crush (feat. Kendra Morris) courtesy of F-Spot Records
BOY DUDE / Mickey de Grand – Cosmic Lines / Geraldine courtesy of CQQL Records

August 2021

Rickey Calloway & His Tennessee Band–  Do It On The One (Stay In The Pocket) / Ain’t It A Crime courtesy of Funk Night Records
Wilson Acevedo & the Jazz Meets Salsa Orchestra – Gury's Mambo / Ritmo Sentimental courtesy of Hyperopia Records and Peace & Rhythm

July 2021

LPT – Los Bravos / Somos LPT (Papi Disco's Manteca Remix) courtesy of Bold City Music
Beat Pharmacy – The Coming Impact / Lovely Day Dub courtesy of Bump'n Grind Wax

June 2021

Maria Raquel y Sus Maravillas – El Tiempo Se Acabo b/w Envidia courtesy of Chulo Records
Maria Sanchez – Dynamite b/w Sensation courtesy of Soul Tune Records

May 2021

Awesome art by Wax Villain! Follow him on Instagram for reviews of exciting new music.

Mestizo Beat – Left Behind (feat. Jamie Allensworth) b/w I Want You (feat. Terin Ector & Jamie Allensworth) courtesy of F-Spot Records
Night Owls – Aht Uh Mid Hed (feat. John Arthur Bigham) b/w Put On Train courtesy of F-Spot Records


April 2021

Nichelle Nichols – Know What I Mean / Elvis Presley - Let Yourself Go courtesy of Unusual Influences Records
Igor Jadranin – Heavy In Stereo courtesy of Star Creature

March 2021

Photos courtesy of @Waxvillain on Instagram

Buyepongo vs. Quitapenas courtesy of Peace & Rhythm Records
Suspensivos Inflamables Ft. Ras Amerlock - Pandemix Sound System courtesy of Cosmica Music

February 2021

Night Owls – You Got To Be A Man / Gimme Little Sign courtesy of F-Spot Records
Eddie C - Believe in Love /​ Forever In My Life courtesy of Bump'n Grind 

January 2021

Napoleon Demps – Norma Jean courtesy of Daptone Records
BT ALC Big Band / Agent 3 - The Iguana ​/​ Secrets Below The Embassy courtesy of Vintage League Music